How learning about the acid/alkaline balance of my body helped me have more energy

I really like coffee. I like the smell, I like the taste and I like the ritual.

But recently I noticed how much I needed it. I noticed that I was using coffee to keep up my energy levels throughout the day. I’m in good shape, eat well and sleep well, so there was no reason I should be feeling so tired. So I started studying what might be going on.

In addition to feeling tired and unfocused, I noticed I looked pasty in photographs, not healthy and glowing. Lastly, a few months earlier I had experienced significant chest pain. I played it safe and went to the ER, took nitroglycerine and was hooked up to an ECG by doctors who ultimately couldn’t find anything.

Eventually I came across something which made sense – information on how the body’s pH affects health.I’ll try to explain some of what I learned without getting technical for technical’s sake. Read the rest of this entry »


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There are few things I like more that learning new facts, concepts or skills. I’ve always been that way, and my mind associates learning with pleasure. This is a beneficial association – viewing learning as painful is a fast road to ignorance and stagnation. The world keeps changing and if we are to be happy and successful here, we’re going to have to learn to keep up.

Of course, we all learn as we move through life. Factoids come our way, and are stored for future use. We learn new skills to accommodate new life situations such as a new job role or becoming a parent. But what I want to talk about is the process of pursuing self-education to suit your needs, not those thrust upon you by the world.

I’ll assume that anyone reading this is geared towards expanding their capabilities and perspectives. Given that, what is the most efficient way to teach yourself something new?     Read the rest of this entry »

Two parts of our bodies are badly designed, especially when weakened by sedentary living. Many people suffer from injuries to the knees and the neck, and based on my experience of injury, they are not always given good advice on how to heal.   Read the rest of this entry »

Kingfisher Perched on a Withered Branch by Miyamoto Musashi

“When I apply the principle of strategy to the ways of different arts and crafts, I no longer have need for a teacher in any domain.”

– Miyamoto Musashi, 1578-1645

Musashi is one of the most famous of all Japanese samurai. Living in a time of great upheaval, broke free of society and forged his own path, devoting his life to study of the sword. In Japan he is remembered as a Kensei or swordsaint. Before his death he wrote a seminal book on strategy, the Go Rin No Sho or Book of Five Rings. But perhaps the most interesting thing about Musashi is that he constantly stressed that mastery in the sword allowed him  to master many other arts, and he is consequently remembered for his calligraphy, poetry, ink painting and sculpture.

Rather than dabbling in many subjects, he discovered that mastery in one art opened up others for him.       Read the rest of this entry »

“What is the opposite of Fear?”

This question is asked by a character in one of my favorite books, Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield, which tells a fictionalized account of the last days of the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae. No doubt you can imagine the amount of fear and horror being experienced by these men as they fought against hundreds of thousands of of invading Persians in what they knew would be their last days on Earth. And yet they focus not on fear, but on it’s opposite.

We see this when a modern day soldier runs through gunfire to get to a friend. We see this in a mother who runs into a burning building to rescue her child. We see this every time someone quits their secure job to start a business which will better provide for their family.

The opposite of fear is love.
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There is a saying in computer science….Garbage in, garbage out. GIGO

If you are serious about improving your position in life – body redesign, learning new skills, getting promoted, finding a great relationship – remember GIGO.

If I was preparing to run a marathon by eating daily at my local junk food hangout, you’d see the disconnect immediately. What you eat is easy to see. What can be tougher to measure is what we put into our minds, especially since we can feel that we have less control of our mental intake.

Clear and Connected Mind

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